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Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a perennial plant of the rooster family. Flowers shed in autumn. a naturally occurring triploid mutant is derived from Crocus cartwrightianus. Spicy, medicinal and ornamental plant. The most famous among the cultivated members of the genus, is the main supplier of the eponymous spice - saffron.

Herbaceous plant 10-30 cm tall. Bulbs 2.5 cm wide, spherical, with numerous fibrous roots. The leaves are erect, linear, several millimeters wide, tightly arranged 6-15 pieces in a bundle. The flowers are bisexual, six-membered, actinomorphic. Petals are often pale purple with a darker center and thin purple veins, less often - yellow or white. Yellow stamens 3. Pistil one, at the apex is divided into three red-orange receptacles, they are much longer than the wild ancestor (3-3.5 cm). Because the plant has a triploid set of chromosomes, it is unable to tie seeds and reproduces exclusively vegetatively.

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      The most stable natural dye

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      The most fragrant spice

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      The most universal medicine


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