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Making calculations
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Provision of planting materials
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Conducting analysis
Instruction on collection and drying
Growing saffron

Why grow saffron?

  • Saffron is a very valuable crop
  • Simple culture in cultivation, does not require chemicals – BIO
  • Saffron is the most expensive spice and therefore a very profitable crop to grow
  • Very good for family business
  • Low yield, high monetary value, does not require large investments
  • With proper storage, saffron can be stored for many years and even decades
  • Saffron retains its value when stored properly

The main goal

At the very least, teach you how to grow saffron and make money with us. The maximum is to bring Ukrainian saffron to the European and international market, to make it a brand of Ukraine.

Create conditions for saffron cultivation to become a separate branch of agriculture and for those who will do it to be able to proudly say: “I grow saffron!”.

By purchasing our franchise for growing saffron, you get:

  • quality planting material;
  • full support from planting to harvest (instructions, methodological developments, consultations). If necessary, departure to the customer for the organization of the production process (travel and accommodation at the expense of the customer);
  • guarantee of purchase of grown products (saffron spices);
  • redemption of surplus planting material (bulbs), if any;
  • if necessary, the customer can provide services of seeders and diggers for planting and digging bulbs for an additional fee.

And you join in growing a plant of unique beauty and properties. With its help you will be able to avoid many diseases, increase your immunity and your loved ones.

Business plan

Now a small business plan on a specific example:

for a plot of 5-10 acres – costs:

  • the cost of the franchise – $ 1,000;
  • cost of 500 kg of bulbs – 500 * 7 € = 3500 €;

for a plot of 5-10 acres – profit:

  • in the first year we collect 250 g of ready spice – 250 g * $ 4 = $ 1000;
  • for the second year we collect 500 g of ready spice – 500 g * $ 4 = $ 2000;
  • for the third year the bulbs will multiply one to three – 1500 kg * $ 4 = $ 6,000;

Note that the purchase prices of ready-made spices and bulbs are still minimal (the franchise can be purchased for a smaller amount of planting material).

The yield of spices and propagation of bulbs can be + – 10-20% depending on individual growing conditions.

Unfortunately, the number of deductibles is limited due to the limited amount of planting material. Therefore, apply in advance.